Unable to change password in Linux

I just encountered recently that when I try changing a password of one of customer's user, it doesn't allow me to and shows an error similar to below.

passwd: Ukendt bruger for det underliggende godkendelsesmodul

dbip01:~ # chage -I -1 poj
Aging information changed.

dbip01:~ # chage -l poj
Minimum:        1
Maksimum:       70
Advarsel:       7
Inaktiv:        14
Sidste ændring:         aug 22, 2016
Adgangskode udløber:    okt 31, 2016
Adgangskode inaktiv:    nov 14, 2016
Konto udløber:  Aldrig

The error (the last part) when translated is "passwd: Unknown User of the underlying authentication module".  And I have checked my "cookbook" on  Linux as I think I encountered it already in the past.  

dbip01:~ # passwd poj
Ændrer adgangskode for poj.
Ny adgangskode:
Gentag ny adgangskode:
Adgangskode ændret.

So here's what I did. I also took note that in some systems pam_tally2 isn't present while faillog is there and vice versa. I only found a few servers who have both tools though.
dbip01:~ # pam_tally2 -u poj --reset
Login           Failures Latest failure     From
poj                 0  
dbip01:~ # faillog -u poj --reset

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