On uvcon - keyboard combination

Got a helping hand from my colleague today as I was having a hard time for the correct keyboard combination to release and/or steal RMC console of MC990X.

$ ssh -l root
root@'s password:
HPE Integrity MC990 X RMC, Rev. 1.1.99   [Bootloader 1.1.4]
Copyright 2012-2016, SGI.   All rights reserved.
hana01-rmc RMC:r001i05c> uvcon
uvcon: tty mode disabled, use 'CTRL-C' to exit
uvcon: attempting connection to localhost...
uvcon: connection to SMN/CMC (localhost) established.
uvcon: requesting baseio console access at r001i06b...
uvcon: console access established (OWNER)
uvcon: CMC <--> BASEIO connection active
uvcon: escape codes:                           
uvcon:    ctrl-] s    steal console
uvcon:    ctrl-] r    release console
uvcon:    ctrl-] b    send break                  

uvcon:    ctrl-] c    connection status           

uvcon:    ctrl-] q    quit (if active console)    

uvcon:    ctrl-] ?|h  this help

So these are the following key codes:

From nxclient you can use: CTRL+ ALTGr + 9 and then <letter of your choice>
From putty you can use: CTRL + ~~ and then <letter of your choice>

Note: I am using Dansk keyboard though.

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