0516-787 extendlv: Maximum allocation for logical volume

This can only mean that LP allocation is not enough.  So MAX LPs should and need to be increased.  In this scenario, our DB2 team requires an additional 15GB

$ sudo df -m /db2/QU1/log_dir
Filesystem    MB blocks      Free %Used    Iused %Iused Mounted on
/dev/logqu1lv  24576.00   9033.01   64%      251     1% /db2/QU1/log_dir
$ sudo lslv logqu1lv
LOGICAL VOLUME:     logqu1lv               VOLUME GROUP:   qu1db2logvg
LV IDENTIFIER:      00c2d23700004c000000013cfc693a07.2 PERMISSION:     read/write
VG STATE:           active/complete        LV STATE:       opened/syncd
TYPE:               jfs2                   WRITE VERIFY:   off
MAX LPs:            620                    PP SIZE:        64 megabyte(s)
COPIES:             2                      SCHED POLICY:   parallel
LPs:                384                    PPs:            768
STALE PPs:          0                      BB POLICY:      relocatable
INTER-POLICY:       maximum                RELOCATABLE:    yes
INTRA-POLICY:       middle                 UPPER BOUND:    1024
MOUNT POINT:        /db2/QU1/log_dir       LABEL:          /db2/QU1/log_dir
DEVICE UID:         0                      DEVICE GID:     0
DEVICE PERMISSIONS: 432                                 
MIRROR WRITE CONSISTENCY: on/ACTIVE                           
EACH LP COPY ON A SEPARATE PV ?: yes (superstrict)                   
Serialize IO ?:     NO                                   
INFINITE RETRY:     no                     PREFERRED READ: 0
DEVICESUBTYPE:      DS_LVZ                                     
COPY 1 MIRROR POOL: mpoola                               
COPY 2 MIRROR POOL: mpoolb                               
COPY 3 MIRROR POOL: None                               

Since the requirement is 15GB or around 16000MB, I need to add up, total of 40GB and divide in with the "PP SIZE" which is 64MB.

$ echo 24576+16000 | bc
$ echo 40576/64 | bc

Rounding off to 640 PP

$ sudo chlv -x 640 logqu1lv
$ sudo chfs -a size=+15G /db2/QU1/log_dir
Filesystem size changed to 81788928
$ sudo df -g /db2/QU1/log_dir
Filesystem    GB blocks      Free %Used    Iused %Iused Mounted on
/dev/logqu1lv     39.00     23.82   39%      251     1% /db2/QU1/log_dir

So that's it.  No need for us to un-mount the file system as this can be done on the fly.

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